New rules for visa fingerprints


Did you know the rules have changed in Australia for getting police checks from countries that need fingerprints? They have and it doesn’t make it easy for you. The Australian Federal Police and other States Police used to do this for visa applicants but they recently stopped. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection sent this message out to registered Migration Agents recently. Continue reading “New rules for visa fingerprints”


Why Become an Australian Citizen


Finding Pure Gold

Citizenship of Australia is like finding a huge seam of gold for your future. You will get many benefits but the most significant is the security for you and your family for the future, for ever.


You get an Australian passport which makes travel throughout the world so much easier than many passports. Often you do not need to apply for a visa to many countries, you get it on arrival in these countries. They trust the Australian passport. Continue reading “Why Become an Australian Citizen”


Application refused?


Why has my visa application been refused?

Your visa application could be refused for a number of reasons, such as:

  • you have not met the conditions of a previous visa
  • you did not provide enough information to prove the claims you made in your application
  • you do not meet Australia’s health or character requirements
  • you gave the wrong information, or made a false claim in your application

Continue reading “Application refused?”


Ministerial Intervention process

Ministerial Intervention

If your appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal was not successful, in a few cases the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection will intervene and make a decision to grant a visa. The Minister actually reviews cases that meet the criteria. It is so important that the written submission is very good. We have those skills. Continue reading “Ministerial Intervention process”