Permanent Partner 801 / 100 Processing Times

Long waiting times for the 801 and 100 visas put a lot of pressure and uncertainty on relationships. At April 2019, onshore partner visas for some people are taking  1.5 to 2 years for PR stage.

What can you do? The better quality of the application, the better chance of a quicker decision. As a Registered Migration Agent, we understand what the Department is looking for in a good application. We are respected by the Department because we don’t do poor applications. We believe that this helps us to help you with a  quicker decision.

Visa application processing times

We will advise on request as the Department processing times are constantly changing.

We manage your application from start to finish, all within the one fee. We advice and help with the initial application and guide you through to the approval decision. We can save you significant money by scheduling medical checks and police checks so that you do not have to do these twice during the long wait.