Character and Police Issues






Character and Police Issues.

All applicants for Permanent Residency (PR) Visas and many for Temporary Visas must show they have no significant problems in any country with the police.

This is done by getting police clearances from each country where the applicant has lived for a certain period of time.

The Australian Government can also see if an applicant has a problem in many countries through data matching between countries. They expect you to show them but they will check as well.

Getting clearances from some countries is a real challenge. We have the knowledge to assist if you are having problems. For instance, some countries require you to be physically present in a country to get the clearance. We can guide you on how to get through these problems.

The applicant or sponsor has a character (police) problem? A conviction? We can help. The type of conviction, sentence and term of the sentence is important. We have overturned a threat to refuse the visa by getting a waiver. Contact us now for advice.

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