Parent Visas

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Parent visas for Australia – the basic

1. 50% of their children must be Australian citizens or Permanent Residents.

2. One or more of the children must sponsor them.

3. Meet health and character tests – i.e. no major health issues and no criminal record of significance.

4. Be prepared to pay much higher visa application charges for faster processing. One person, approximately $50,000, two people approximately $100,000.

5. No social welfare support for 10 years, see below about the Centrelink Assurance of Support. This is covered by an applicant’s Assurer.  Medicare is available.


Parent visas for Australia – the process.

We can help you to bring your parents to Australia to live if they qualify. It needs very careful assessment and planning, but we have the experience. It is expensive if you want them here in a reasonable time. There are parent visa options for Australia that we can advise on. We can assess your situation and if they qualify for the Australian parent visas it is possible to have your parents here in a fairly short time. In our recent experience, and depending on the country, we have seen approvals for those already in Australia and who qualify in a little as 4 months to Permanent Residency, fantastic. Parent visas for Australia are not a simple process but a qualified expert will take all the stress away. These parent visas are available both onshore and offshore.

Centrelink Assurance of Support – all parent visas.
A sponsor or any other person who agrees (the Assurer) must provide an Assurance of Support (AoS) for parents to get a Parent Visa in Australia.

The Assurer completes an application at Centrelink, and they assess the ability of the Assurer to cover any social welfare costs that the applicants may have in the next 10 years. These visas do NOT allow the parents to access social welfare payments and if they must do so, the Assurer must cover these costs. A bond of $10,400 (single) and $14,000 couple is paid by the assurer before the parent visa can be granted.

Parents on a parent visa can access Medicare.

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