Child visa success – Africa

(for privacy reasons, this is not the real applicant)
Child visa granted in African country in about 8 months.
The father of this 8-year-old girl only found out he had a daughter when he visited his home country and met a previous girlfriend. Imagine his surprise. Despite the fact he was married in Australia, he started thinking about a Child visa for his newly found daughter. The girl was living in a poor country and there were no good prospects for the girl to have a happy and safe life.
The father had left his home country nearby as a refugee and was lucky to be selected to migrate to Australia. He wanted to share this luck with his daughter. His daughters mother had a difficult decision, to be able to see her daughter grow up or to agree to her moving to Australia on a Child vis for a better life. This was heart-rending but a mother’s love won out and she agreed for her daughter to go to Australia.
In the discussions, we were able to help her by describing the safe life her daughter would have in Australia on a Child visa, the financial help her daughter may be able to give her later and also the possibility the mother may be able to come to Australia to live later, using a parent visa. In some cases, everyone can win even if it takes some time.
To succeed with this Child visa, the father and daughter needed DNA testing. This was to prove the child was his biological daughter. This is not always needed for a Child visa but this case did require it. The father had no history to show with the mother or child, DNA proved it 100%.
The child is now part of a new family in Australia, has half-sisters and is still able to chat to her mother. The family in Australia help the mother financially. All are happy.