Child visa success – Vietnam

(for privacy reasons, this is not the real applicant)
Child visa granted in Vietnam in 8 months
A mother of a young 2-year-old child separated from the father many years ago. She was having a tough time working and raising the child. She met an Australian man and fell in love. After several years, they married and started a new family in Vietnam. This gave financial and emotional security to the mother and young daughter.
After three years traveling between Vietnam and Australia, with his wife and 2 more children living in Vietnam, the Australian man wanted to bring the family to Australia for a better life and more security.
Sadly, the father and other family of the young girl would not agree to the girl leaving on a Child visa. The mother had to make a tough decision to leave her daughter in the care of the father and father’s family for the sake of her other children. This was incredibly sad but the only option she had.
As the girl grew up, she started more and more communication with her mother and the mother started paying for her education. Gradually the father realized that his daughter would have a better life in Australia and maybe, be able to help him financially as she got older. There is always a win/win in most situations.
We started the process for a Child visa when the girl was 17 years and still studying. We gave them strong guidance that she MUST still be studying after her 18th birthday to be eligible for the Child visa.
The father wasn’t easy to convince to sign the authorities but eventually he understood, she would get the Child visa after she turned 18 without his approval. He relented and the Child visa was approved 1 week after her 18th birthday.
She is now living with her new family of 5 brothers and sisters in Australia after getting her Child visa. She had met then many times in Vietnam, now she is a real part of the family. A young woman has a far better life in Australia, with greater opportunities for education.