Permanent Partner Visas

100 and 801 Permanent visa?

Your permanent Partner visa:

SC 100 after a 309 Partner visa and
SC 801 after a SC 820 and SC 300 visa

About two years after you lodged your application for the 820 or 309 Temporary partner visa, you will be assessed for an 801 or 100 Permanent partner visa.
A few months before you are assessed, you will receive a letter asking for information to prove you are still in the relationship.

What is needed for this visa?

You must provide evidence that your relationship is continuing. Do NOT take this lightly. The Department has become very tough at this stage and it is not unknown for them to come to your home unannounced to check if you are truly together. The interviews have also become a lot harder. We guide you through all of these. We have never had this visa refused.

What is the cost?

There is no new visa application fee for the SC 100 or SC 801 Permanent Partner visa as this is incorporated into the SC 820 or SC 309 Permanent Partner visa charges by the Department. The only additional costs will be any professional assistance you get and a new Australian Police check.

What happens if the relationship ends?

A SC 100 or SC 801 permanent partner visa can be granted earlier if either:
• your sponsor or de facto partner dies, the relationship would have continued if they had not died, and you have developed close business, cultural or personal ties in Australia
• the relationship breaks down and there is a child of the relationship
the relationship breaks down due to family violence.

If any of these circumstances occur, you should contact us urgently to advise you about further processing requirements. These can be complicated but if handled properly will result in a Permanent Partner visa.

If you are granted a permanent visa, you can:
• stay in Australia indefinitely
• you are not bound to the sponsor forever. Life can sometimes be difficult and relationships can end. After getting this visa you are independent of the sponsor.
• work and study in Australia
• apply for Australian citizenship (if you are eligible)
• sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
• receive some social security payments
• travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted – after that time you will need another visa to enter Australia.

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