DO NOT MARRY UNTIL YOU TALK TO US. Marrying may reduce your options. Getting married is not always the best way to get a visa. Get a Partner/Spouse Visa or  Maybe You Need another type of Family Visa?

Family Of Four

Do not risk losing the high government visa fees by making a simple mistake. So many applicants are refused because they did not give the right paperwork. The Department will not refund the visa fee if you are refused – have an expert manage your visa application. We guide you through this from the start until you get the visa decision.

Special price for this Visa category – we understand that setting up a family just within Australia is expensive. It can be even more expensive when you have to pay for visas to bring your loved one into Australia. We cannot change the cost of the government application fee but we can keep our own professional fees reasonable – and we do. We give excellent value but do NOT sacrifice quality.

MarriageDo you understand that getting married is NOT the way to start a visa application. Did you know you don’t have to be married for a visa? It actually makes very little difference to your chances. You marry because you want to or because it is important in your culture and tradition.  Equally, you have the same chance of a visa if you choose NOT to marry. Imagine if you got married overseas expecting it would help you get a visa and you find out later you do not meet the criteria. You have just made your life so much more complicated. GET ADVICE FIRST.

We are your application managers – we manage your application and other immigration matters linked to the application from the start to the decision. This includes keeping your immigration status legal if you have to travel overseas while you are waiting, managing any temporary visa while you wait if that is needed, guiding you with advice about Medicare and other matters related to the visa. We could be guiding you for at least 12 months to keep you from making an immigration mistake. If Immigration want more information about your application we are there to manage that. If you think we will drop you after lodging the application, think again. Our work doesn’t stop until you have the decision. 

Partner visas – there are several options to choose from to bring a partner, a husband or a wife to Australia. Are they in Australia already, are they still in their home country, are you married, same sex, de-facto? How long have you been together?

Earlier immigration issues – does the applicant have an earlier problem with a visa, do they have a health problem, do they have children and are you an acceptable sponsor for the partner into Australia? Have you been sponsored into Australia or have you previously sponsored someone? Do you know the rules? Do you know what is needed if you are sponsoring a partner who has a child under 18 coming with them?

There are so many questions you have to answer and get them right to be successful. You need to understand the benefits and challenges of each option.

Parent visas – bringing your parents into Australia to live is exciting but is not easy. It can be expensive and it can take many years unless you choose the best pathway. There are ways to win if you understand the rules.

Child visas – yes, if you have children overseas who do not qualify for Australian residency or citizenship you still must apply for a visa. There are choices depending on the age of the child and even for adoption of children. If you leave this until the children are too old for a Child visa you may miss out.

Other family visa – talk to us if your family situation does not fit into the above categories. We will try to find a solution for you.

With our help, you can work out if your family qualify to migrate and if they do, to choose the best pathway. Family visas are not cheap and you do not want to waste money on a poor application. We can guide you through this.

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