Check out these quick facts.

  • Australian Citizenship is forever, Permanent Residency may NOT be.
  • You only get an Australian passport if you are a citizen.
  • Permanent Residents staying overseas for too long will have problems getting back into Australia.
  • You can be a dual citizen of Australia and your home country (some countries have different rules about dual citizenship – you need to check with your home country).
  • Kiwis arriving in Australia after February 2001 are Temporary Residents. Check this out!

 Permanent Resident? 

  • Did you know that Permanent Residency (PR) is not forever?  If you leave Australia even temporarily and you do not understand what your responsibilities are to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship you could lose the permanent status you worked so hard to get or have trouble returning here.
  • Even without citizenship there are ways to protect your PR status. Ask us now.

 Do you qualify for Australian Citizenship?

  • Citizenship gives you permanent peace of mind, access to all the advantages and benefits that are available PLUS an Australian Passport for overseas travel. Generally, you do not need to give up citizenship of your home country (this depends on that country, not Australia).

 What about children born here? 

  • This will depend on many factors but generally, if neither of the parents are Permanent Residents the children are not automatically citizens. This does not rule them out so check with us now.

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