Health-Police Waivers

Health waivers:                    

Most visas require an applicant to have a medical check before they can be given. This is especially important for visas that lead to permanent residency.

If you have a health problem it may be possible to get the condition approved even though it may be serious. You usually get a chance to get what is called a “waiver” but it is not easy and must be managed carefully by someone who understands both the process and the health condition.


Review the previous experience that Ian Bosley has that gives him a good understanding. Medical Scientist, senior manager at Medicare Australia, senior manager with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and he has some really important qualifications in this health field as well as in the immigration law arena.

Perfect to help you with the Health Waiver. You have heard of Public Interest Criteria 4005 or 4007? These cover the impact of the health issue on whether you get a visa. Contact us urgently for advice.

Click here for Public Interest Criteria 4005

Click here for Public Interest Criteria 4007

Character waivers:  (Police problems or convictions)

These may be needed if you have any previous issue with the police or the law in Australia or in another country. Criminal convictions can seriously affect your visa chances but if they are handled with care and knowledge you may still get that visa. Call us now for advice. NEVER try to hide them. The Department of Immigration computers “talk” to computers in other countries and they will know if you have any convictions.

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