Parents Approval for Child Visas

Is one parent missing, dead or just won’t agree to the Child visa? This is not uncommon and our experience will help you through this problem. Here are some examples of situations we have resolved to help the Child visa be granted:
  1. Father deceased? There is special paperwork needed to prove this. Just a death certificate may not be enough.
  2. Another family member (grandparents) has care of the child? They will also have to agree to the child migrating in most cases. We are familiar with the strong bonds that have been formed. A Child visa needs careful and compassionate work to succeed.
  3. Parent staying in the home country insists on a payment before letting the Child visa be granted? The child is coming to a wealthy country, Australia, and many remaining parents think all people in Australia are wealthy. We know this isn’t true. We have negotiated with remaining parents in some countries to get over this problem.
  4. A parent missing with no proof where they are? This can be really difficult but we have the experience to resolve this with the Department. Each country is different but we have good success.
How does the remaining parent give his or her approval?
There are special processes and forms needed. We have personally sat with a remaining parent to get the paperwork and documents prepared in some cases. The makes sure the Child visa will be successful.
Sometimes it may be necessary to give the remaining parent an incentive. This could be a cash payment, it could be explaining the benefits to the child and it could be the future benefits the child can give the remaining parent. We look at all angles to make the Child visa work.