New rules for visa fingerprints


Did you know the rules have changed in Australia for getting police checks from countries that need fingerprints? They have and it doesn’t make it easy for you. The Australian Federal Police and other States Police used to do this for visa applicants but they recently stopped. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection sent this message out to registered Migration Agents recently.

“The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the Department) is aware the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has ceased providing fingerprinting services to the public. In Western Australia the Police have also withdrawn from providing fingerprinting services.    

While the Department understands that not all foreign embassies or consulates in Australia are able to provide this service to their citizens, the Department still requires a police clearance certificate if requested.   

The Department does not provide fingerprinting services on behalf of other countries for overseas police clearances or foreign passports. The need to have fingerprints taken for police clearances, or for foreign passports, is a matter for the issuing country. 

If a visa applicant requires fingerprints to obtain documentation or services from another country, the application should contact the relevant embassy or consulate of that country, or the relevant agency requiring the fingerprints”.

Basically it is now your problem. But a good Migration Agent will help you find a solution. As part of our service we help applicants through these problem areas of an application.

Not all countries need fingerprints but some important ones do. The USA, Canada and many others need this and you cannot apply in most situations without fingerprints.