Covid19 and Migration




Updated 17 July 2021

Covid19 has caused havoc with international travel and visas being granted for Australia.

Most visas that have been lodged overseas have been placed on hold until travel restrictions cease. Some partner visas have been granted and travel has been permitted.

Some visa categories inside Australia are being processed more quickly, Partner 820/801 and 100 in particular. However the backlog of these is so high that it will take some to clear.

Many people who are stuck inside Australia have to get a new visa to stay legal. If you are in this situation, contact us to assist. It is really important to not let your visa expire. The government attitude remains the same, you MUST care for your immigration status.

If you do not manage your visa while stuck in Australia, it may be very difficult to get a new visa after Covid19 is gone. Contact us to check.