Citizenship and Australia

Citizenship is a serious step and should be managed carefully. The Australian Government looks extremely closely at all applications, especially at police and character problems. You must be able to show a clear police record in countries you have lived in, or at least explain any police issue you have had.

The Australian Government can find out any issues you have through data matching with other countries, NEVER try to hide anything.

There are a number of ways to get citizenship. Birth to an Australian Citizen or Resident, grant as a result of holding the right visa for the right time and other ways. The rules are complex and it needs careful planning.

The end result is living and contributing to Australia forever, getting an Australian passport and many other benefits.

Scared of the test? We can assist with advice on how to pass. Even with limited English, our clients have passed.

Costs vary depending on your country and the complexity. Government fees at 1 July 2021 are $490 for citizenship applications. Children of citizens and PR may be less.

A child born in Australia to an Australian citizen and PR is born a citizen, that needs a different process to get the certificate. We can help.

A child born overseas to an Australian citizen is already a citizen but a child born overseas to a PR of Australia is not.

False documents? These will cause refusal and possibly cancellation of the visa as well.

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