Important information                                                                                                    disclaimer

For people who have contacted me by:

In person

and who have not signed an Agreement to become my client.

Please note that until you become my client by signing an Agreement and paying the agreed fees (unless I agree to waive fees) any discussion we have at any time and in any forum will not be considered immigration advice that you can use to progress your immigration matter. You are not my client unless and until we have a signed Agreement between us. The reasons for this include but are not limited to the following:

1. I have not had the benefit of full information from you on your own individual circumstances or immigration issue.
2. I have not had the benefit of seeing and verifying your documentation relevant to your immigration matter.
3. Any discussion we have had about your immigration matter has been very general in nature.
4. Any information I have given you about immigration processes and laws has been general in nature and must not be used without full verification by me to progress your immigration matter.
5. Our discussion has been on the basis of general comments about your situation but must not be taken as advice specific to your matter until and unless we sign a client agreement and you accept my services. At that time, I will gather sufficient information to provide personalised advice relevant to your immigration matter and take responsibility for same.
6. Following any discussion we have had without a client agreement being signed you have no claim against me whatsoever for information that I have provided and that you may choose to use in your immigration matter.
7. Emails sent by my staff to you do not provide immigration advice unless the email specifically states I have requested the advice to be forwarded from me.