Health waiver? PIC 4005 or 4007?



Have you received a letter advising you have a health problem? Your visa may be refused?

A waiver of meeting the health requirement (a health waiver) can be obtained for applicants of many visas. The visa health waiver means you can get the visa granted even if you have a significant health condition picked up in the medical check.

A visa health waiver properly done can help you get the visa when the Department may have decided there may be high costs or prejudices to access to medical services by Australians. These are referred to as a PIC 4007 health waiver. Without a health waiver your visa will be refused if you do not meet the health check.

Without a health waiver your visa will be refused if you do not meet the health check.

PIC 4007? Public Interest Criteria 4007. A Health Waiver is available if you can meet the criteria.

PIC 4005? A Health Waiver is NOT available. However, there are processes that may be successful if we can find an appropriate approach.

You need the combination of an experienced migration expert and a medical/medical science background.

We have obtained health waivers for :

  • HIV – very common as a health issue from many parts of the world
  • Hepatitis
  • Brain tumor
  • Cancer
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Growth disorders for children
  • matters costing from $80,000 to Million$2
  • The condition is not always the issue, it is the cost.
  • Other factors help us get waivers.

Check out our career background. You will see our long work history in the medical/health/pharmaceutical fields as well as the current Migration Agent role. A perfect blend of experience. Not only are you getting a Registered Migration Agent, you are also getting a qualified Medical Scientist and a person with long term experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. This experience may prevent your visa being refused.

Career Experience:

  • Currently Principal – immigration law practice
  • Principal Board Support Manager -Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Director – Australian Taxation Office
  • Secretary – Tax Agents Board of Queensland
  • Regional Manager – Health Insurance Commission – Medicare Australia
  • Senior business roles in international pharmaceutical and scientific industries
  • Medical Scientist – New Zealand
  • TESOL English teaching internationally.

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