Assurance of Support – Parent Visas

April 1. 2018 saw very significant changes and increases in the AoS process for Contributory Parent 173 and 143 visas.

The visas had no changes but the AoS, Assurance of Support, now needs much higher incomes for the sponsor or Assurer to have to be approved. Without an AoS approval, the 173 and 143 visas cannot be granted.

A 143 Contributory Parent visa needs an AoS Assurance of Support to be granted. The sponsor or other suitable people are assessed by the Department of Human Services (not the visa Department of Home Affairs). They are assessed as to whether they can provide financial support if the applicants need social services during the first 10 years of Permanent Residency. The visa holders for 143 Contributory Parent visas cannot access Centrelink or Social Welfare for this 10 years. They can get Medicare.

Here is a calculator to assess the assurers:

Be aware, this matter is complicated and we assist clients to find suitable expertise for this part of the Contributory Parent visa application. There are ways to overcome some of the first concerns, especially about who and how many Assurers can be used for applications.