Bogus documents for visas ………….


This story highlights the terrible situation you can find yourself in if you provide documents that the Department believe are false or “bogus”.

When the Department identify false documents that relate to a relationship, work or other matters they will ban you for 3 years from applying for another visa. If the false or bogus documents apply to your identity, i.e. passports, birth certificates etc they will ban you for 10 years. Impossible.

In the case in this story the visa applicant provided birth certificates that the Department decided were fake or bogus. In this case they have a 10 year ban on any new visa application. The case was appealed to the Tribunal and they still lost. The story appears very sad but for the case to be lost on appeal suggests that the documents really were false or bogus. Immigration will make decisions based on the facts and an emotional plea such as this generally does not work. It is too late.

Our role as your migration agent is to look for risks in your paperwork or story and discuss these with you. We need to know everything about you even if it is very negative or serious. If we know, we can look for ways to mitigate the issue. For example, in a recent case we found documents for a marriage contract in slightly different names to those on birth certificates. This may seem a small thing but we know of cases that have been refused on similar grounds.

We look for ways to explain discrepancies, we like to answer questions BEFORE they are asked. It makes it easier for the Case Officers and making their job easier is good for you. If we identify documents we think are fake or bogus we will ask you to very carefully check them. No documents are often better than fake or bogus ones and we can often find ways around some documents being missing.

We cannot help you if you do not tell us everything. You are our clients, we are NOT here to help Immigration catch you out. We are here to help you get your visa legitimately.

Did you get your visa using false documents? Did you know the Department will do audits periodically and recently they picked up that 40% of visas issued to one country had false documents. What happened? All the visas were cancelled. Where the visa applicant had obtained citizenship, the citizenship was taken away and the person deported. It is serious, do NOT get trapped in this way.