Child visa success – Africa

(for privacy reasons, this is not the real applicant)
Child visa granted in African country in about 8 months.
The father of this 8-year-old girl only found out he had a daughter when he visited his home country and met a previous girlfriend. Imagine his surprise. Despite the fact he was married in Australia, he started thinking about a Child visa for his newly found daughter. The girl was living in a poor country and there were no good prospects for the girl to have a happy and safe life.
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Child visa success – Vietnam

(for privacy reasons, this is not the real applicant)
Child visa granted in Vietnam in 8 months
A mother of a young 2-year-old child separated from the father many years ago. She was having a tough time working and raising the child. She met an Australian man and fell in love. After several years, they married and started a new family in Vietnam. This gave financial and emotional security to the mother and young daughter.
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Child visa success- Thailand

(for privacy reasons, these are not the real applicants)
A double win – a Child visa for a 14 year old boy and his 17 year old sister who turned 18 2 weeks after the application.
There were challenging issues in each of these, each very different but overcome with careful planning. They are both in Australia with their mother and step-father now and Permanent Residents.
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